At Jesus Shack we believe that we are here for a higher purpose than to just support ourselves. So we take the skills and equipment we develop in our promotion, sound, audio and video business to equip young people (“Raising a Generation to Reach this Generation”), and to reach out to the community. We do this through many events from small gatherings, to large concert events.

Sporting Event 2014 Support Opportunities

Jesus Shack, Inc. is a non-profit community outreach organization consisting of local volunteers, businesses, non-profits and individuals who are dedicated to providing wholesome events for youth and families throughout our community. Our tournaments draw between 4 to 5 thousand people per event with even more via our YouTube channel and this year we are introducing live feed available through our website with highlights available on our YouTube channel.
We are please to offer 5 different tournaments this coming year to provide a safe event for families, promoting positive play, fun competition, and wholesome entertainment. Competitors of every age bracket are accepted. Read More