Impact StatementImpact Statement

Jesus Shack has made an impact on the community since 1997 by bringing some of the biggest concert performers in the world. With over 400 concerts and outreach events under our belt we have been able to reach 10’s of thousands of people. In the past year we have brought in Third Day and many other world wide favorites.

In 2003 Jesus Shack Street teams was established to deliver food door to door and to teach our children to love our neighbors. To date we have over 60 churches involved in bringing people out to help us care for others. We literally hit thousands of homes in each zip code and have done so this year.
Another huge accomplishment was the establishment of Jesus Shack Mobile Medical. With the help of local hospitals and others we are now able to offer Free medical care to the uninsured. We were also supported by FTCA – the federal governments indemnity program to protect all those who give their time. We have served over 591 patients thus far and are excited to start more clinics with the generous support of others.


  1. To add 2 more primary care clinics serving those at risk and in need of chronic care;
  2. To promote the love and compassion of healing through our Street Teams. By going door to door, we hope to tie in nursing programs into going out with us to asses people’s health at their home just like in the old days;
  3. To build a new facility that will help us house the many assets and staff we have so we can continue to grow and serve more and more in our community with true love and forgiveness.