Needs StatementNeeds Statement

1. Grant money to help finance wellness programs, preventive education and follow up to those that are uninsured or cannot afford cobra plans. For each clinic we need $100,000 dollars to staff equip and document those whose health we oversee. This is for a weekly clinic. Goal 2 clinics;

2. Food Items that are non perishable to help fill the thousands of boxes we prep during the year to help others go out and care for those in our community door to door. We need $50,000 to fill the food in the boxes. We currently pass out 2,500 boxes a year @$20/box. We would like to raise and additional $25,000 to allow this part of the organization to grow;

3. We need $50,000 to fund our outreach events. These serve thousands of children per event. Kids Christmas and Operation Back to School are huge events that serve those that are economically deprived and need assistance. We partner with the superintendent of schools in qualifying the children in need;

4. We need 2.5 million for our new building project that will house and outdoor amphitheater, provide storage for all of our medical units, provide a food warehouse for our preparation needs weekly. Provide the much needed office space as we are out of space in our current office.